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Tired of theories

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We are monkeys to Darwin, sex maniac donkeys to Freud, a hierarchical bunch of selfish needies to Maslow, and are yet to be explored, and further explained. Everyone takes us for a ride with his own expertise, experiences, experiments, estimates, philosophies, theories, readings, hypothesis, findings, guesswork, and nonsense.  

Everyday we come by some final word on our wellbeing, happiness, spirituality, religiosity, behavior, values, attitudes, self esteem, fears, illnesses, sufferings, and everything in between, to be nullified by yet another paper by yet another polymath. Everything is hocus-focus, getting more tormenting by the moment, with more warnings, fears, doubts, qualms, suspicions, cautions, and gibberish of all assortments.  

Ignorance is bliss. Knowledge sucks.


Written by baryaal

March 15, 2008 at 6:10 am