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Try saying it without “I”

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Why is it getting more and more difficult for us to be able to talk without “I” in the age of iPhone 

Maybe, it’s about self importance and our sense of supposed individuality. Supposed, because the more we try to pretend different, the more we look the same, thanks to globalization and advertising which together have steadily diluted our diversity into a monotony, or why would the female models look so alike: same makeup, similar hairdos, same styles, and even the same gestures and voice tones. Maybe, it’s the realization that we are losing ourselves into the same sameness that we so hate.  

Some say superiority and inferiority complexes distort our personalities. Others argue that there is no such a thing called “superiority” complex at all, and all personality distortions stem from this or that sense of inferiority. Thus, those who try to look superior are trying to hide some weakness. Those who start every sentence with an “I” perhaps need it as a reinforcement of their  own existence. Gone are the days when writers used to write “this author” to avoid writing “I”. The expression “the undersigned” is also vanishing fast. Seems, we are losing our gentlemanly (pardon if it sounds sexist) courtesies, one by one, to selfish crap.  

At this rate, we soon will be replacing “Yours truly” with “I, the truthful” in our correspondence. 

In advertising, we were taught to always emphasize on the word “You” even if it sounds repetitive, so that the audience could relate to the message, and have that “feeling of being important”. For many years, this single trick has worked wonders for advertisers, BUT when the same audiences start talking to their own audiences, they miss out on the very basics of advertising themselves.  

“You” sells better than “I”. Try it!


Written by baryaal

March 19, 2008 at 3:47 am