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Brrr…. Thank you Coke, for not playing it safe

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 It’s refreshing. The new Coke campaign headlined by a loud “Brrr.” Crisp and catchy, the Brrr might have no meaning, yet says it all. Even more refreshing is the fact that it adorns the recently overly politicised billboards of the city, replacing the pale wooden faces of the thanks god its over election campaign.

Of recent, the punch in advertising has gone, at least here in Pakistan, thanks to the suited and tied (sic) brand manager, who acts as the go-between (read Postman) between the ad agency and the client. (Blaming him is too easy, but seriously). Starting off, he will brief the agency team for the “the most creative campaign ever,” and take great pains explaining to you the off-the-cuff concepts that his wife had conceived, in some wild moment of the night, and also his personal favourite TV commercial starring some Cowboy character for a water brand (that he can’t recall anymore) of some foreign country (that he can’t recall anymore).

In the final phase of concept development, he seldom will have the grey to grasp the storyboard, or the guts to present it to his superiors. “Let’s play it safe,'” he’ll caution, and there you go, all over again, to shuttle back and forth, until you come up with the most-boring-play-it-safe-brilliance that you proudly took several weeks to deliver. If any hint of a creative thought, or good taste, still lingers, let the focus group take good care of it.

So why the boldpan in the beginning almost always ends on the play-it-safe?

Perhaps, it has something to do with the gaping holes in our boundless aspirations and limited capacities. We’re always inspired by this Indian ad or that English reality show. We start big on every endeavour in life, and start cutting corners as soon as we begin to realise in the thick of things that our big dreams don’t match our own small realities, and abilities.

Coming back to the Brrr of Coca-Cola. If you still can’t make sense of all the fuss I am making about, wait until you get to work at one of those places about which some guru in Paris had once complained: “Don’t Tell My Mother I Work in Advertising: She Thinks I Play a Piano in a Brothel.” Yes, the guru had it ripped off from some Accountant’s book, but isn’t that what advertising is mostly about? The rip offs.

As it looks, the Brrr isn’t a copied copy. Unless you claim to have shouted a Brrr at your opposing cricket team, for the very first time in your childhood,following that abandoned match, which you would’ve won, had the other side not run away with the bat and ball. But to that I will again say Brrr…

Although the TVC is weaker than the outdoor, you can watch it here:



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March 10, 2008 at 2:12 pm

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